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A third force, developing itself more slowly,
becomes even more potent than the rest:
the power of gold.
John L. Motley
Advandtel Minerals (Canada)
Marina Del Rey Professional Centre
2275 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Suite 518
Toronto, ON, M8V 3Y3
Toll Free: 1-844-849-1440
Fax: 416-849-1440

The Opportunity

Advandtel Minerals (Canada) Ltd. is offering treasury shares in the Company by way of a Private Placement.

If you have a username and password, supplied only to Accredited Investors by our Investor Relations department, you may LOGIN to view the Subscription Agreement and Term Sheet. Canada's securities regulators limit the distribution of Treasury Shares in Advandtel Minerals (Canada) Ltd. to 'Accredited Investors' only, at this time.

Do you qualify?

The narrow definition of an 'Accredited Investor' is an individual with a net worth of over $1,000,000 or an annual income, from all sources before taxes, of over $200,000 for each of the last two years. If you meet one or both of these criteria please contact our Investor Relations department to discuss this opportunity or fill out the form below and Investor Relations will contact you.

Please contact us at:

Advandtel Minerals (Canada) Ltd.
Fax: 416-849-1440
N.A. Toll Free: 1-844-849-1440

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