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A third force, developing itself more slowly,
becomes even more potent than the rest:
the power of gold.
John L. Motley
Advandtel Minerals (Canada)
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The Beardmore-Geraldton (Ontario) Gold Camp.

Advandtel Minerals (Canada) Ltd. (AMCL) presently owns a 75% interest in a 2,000 acre gold prospect in the Beardmore-Geraldton Gold Camp situated in Northern Ontario, Canada. The balance of the property is owned by a private, junior Canadian mineral explorations company, namely TLC Explorations Inc. (TLCX). There is currently a merger agreement in the works with this company that would give AMCL approximately 3,000 acres in a very strategic location along what is commonly known as the Gold Key Structure.

Historically, the Beardmore-Geraldton mineral belt, located east of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada has produced over 4.1 million ounces of gold from several deposits, most of which occur within its 130 kilometres east-west extant, which is up to 21 kilometres wide. Interest in the gold potential of the Beardmore-Geraldton Gold Camp dates back to 1926 with the discovery of the Northern Empire deposit at Beardmore, Ontario. The Northern Empire Mine produced $1,000,831 in gold production in 1936. At $20 gold that reflected about 50,000 ounces, which at today's approximate price of $1,100 an ounce, would be $163,958,300 of production for the year. The area was noted for prolific production of high grade deposits.

The Beardmore Gold camp was brought back to prominence during 2006-2007 with the substantial discovery by Kodiak Explorations Limited. ( of the Hercules and Golden Mile, followed by the Yellow Brick Road, Marino, Penelton, 7 of 9 and Lucky Strike. These discoveries immediately created interest as several public exploration companies entered the area, with Kodiak managing to secure a massive claim area of approximately 37,000 acres, including the property claims surrounding the Advandtel Property.

From there, other major projects have emerged - including both the Goldstone Brookbank Project and as well Premier Gold's highly regarded discovery of the year for 2009, The Hard Rock Project.

On the site south-west adjacent to the Advandtel property owned by our acquisition target, field work conducted resulted in finding samples of visible gold which subsequently produced 25 samples averaging . 51388 Au oz/ton and 25 samples averaging .49376 Au oz. per ton. Work continues on that property and that company has received interest from other resource companies seeking joint-venture arrangements.

Prospectair, of Gatineau, Quebec conducted a heliborne magnetic and electromagnetic survey on the company property on October 9th, 2008. Area covered totalled 220 line-km and resulted in the magnetic map showing four major domains. The middle domain illustrated an active magnetic zone with variation from low value in the NW of this domain and very high value in the SE. Based on these positive results, a work program has been initiated as part of the NI-43-101 technical report being prepared by a certified consulting geophysicist.

The geology underlying the Property consists of variable amounts of subaqueous mafic metavolcanic rocks and clastic metasedimentary rocks. Iron formation units, interlayered with the metavolcanic rocks, have historically been explored for their gold potential both within the sulphidized iron formation and in crosscutting or adjacent quartz- sulphide veins.

The resulting magnetic and electromagnetic data from the 2008 airborne geophysical survey revealed four primary target trends that are prospective for iron formation and/or shear-vein hosted gold. The four trends (Pichette, Dougall, Dalton and Vega-Craskie) have experienced significant gold exploration along strike east and west of the Property, however, little geological work has been completed on the Property itself due to the lack of access roads. This has been rectified to a large degree due to companies, such as Kodiak and others re-working old logging roads in the area.

The Pichette Trend is characterized by a strong electromagnetic anomaly resulting from a sulphidized shear zone in mafic metavolcanic rocks. A 75 m wide silica-carbonate-pyrite-pyrrhotite altered shear zone located south of Nezah Lake occurs along this trend on the Property. Grab samples taken Mason and McConnell (1983) assayed up to 7.5 g/t Au in the shear zone and up to 5.5 g/t Au over 0.71 m from one of the veins.

The Dougall Trend shows a moderate magnetic response related to underlying variably sulphidized iron formation or a shear zone. Minimal prospecting along the trend on the Property resulted in rock samples with as much as 7.16 g/t Au. A drill hole result (#42E12NE0226) conducted by Dougall Gold Mines in 1947-48 reported 555.34 g/t Au over 1.2 m.

The Dalton Trend exhibits a strong magnetic and moderate electromagnetic response related to underlying iron formation. Mapping has shown the iron formation unit to continue discontinuously across the width of the Property. Rock sampling along this trend yielded up to 3.6 g/t Au.

The Vega-Craskie Trend exhibits a moderate to strong magnetic response and a strong electromagnetic signature related to a variably sulphidized iron formation unit. Mapping has shown that the iron formation continues discontinuously across the entire width of the Property.

The Vega-Craskie Trend would appear to provide significant interest with regard to the Property, in that the Property intersects the Dalton and Craskie, with the Vega Occurrence directly to the west. A drill hole reportedly drilled by Noranda on Dalton during 1988, just 300 m east of the eastern boundary of the Property, #ND88-11, reportedly intersected 17.6 g/t Au over 2.9 m.

The Craskie property immediately west and adjoining the Property, presumably on the same iron formation trend, has a confidential tonnage of 287,000 tons (indicated) grading 0.18 ounce gold per ton to a depth of 83 m (277 feet) [J. Friesen, Hudson Bay Expl. & Dev. Co. Ltd. (1981)]

The Vega Occurrence, immediately west and adjoining the Property has significant past historical showings, most notable in the Vega #1 and Vega #2 trenches first examined in 1931. A compilation of trench sampling results, including calculation of weighted average gold grades, by W.W. Weaton in 1937 and reported by Davies (1983, 1989) indicated 9 shoots of better grade gold mineralization within the Vega #1 and #2 Zones providing an average width of 1.66 m grading an average 5.86 g/t.

During 2007-2008 our takeover target conducted a thorough examination of the Vega #1 and Vega #2 trenches, including the extraction of 115 samples by cross-cut sampling with significant results including; 25 samples averaging .51 opt Au, 25 samples averaging .49 opt Au, with an average of .318 opt Au from the 115 samples. Other samples graded as high as 1.68 opt Au and 2.010 opt Au in the same trench area. Advandtel Minerals’ immediate plans include further trenching, line cutting, and determining drill targets and to continue our ongoing a drill program as outlined by Hilldale Geoscience Inc. of Thunder Bay, Ontario and led by our chief geologist Dr. Collin Bowdidge. The NI-43-101 is currently being amended pending our merge by APEX Geoscience Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta.

Pending our merger, AMCL will also inherit a 25% working interest in a gold/copper claim in the Dominican Republic.

The “Majagual Concession”, a 7,885 acre (3200 hectares) gold/copper prospect recently acquired by TLCX, holds great promise for the company as it already comes “drill-ready” due to extensive work carried out on the property. The district, especially the El Cinco Zone, hosts several small past producing Cu (copper) mines, some of which also contained significant Au (gold) values (up to 5.6 g/t at Jack’s Mine).

A previous exploration program on the El Cinco Zone consisted of grid establishment, soil and rock sampling, detailed geologic mapping, IP and magnetometer surveys, over 500m of trenching, and initiation of baseline environmental and socio-economic studies. Cu and Au mineralization over an area of at least 600x800m appears to be related to quartz-feldspar porphyry bodies suggesting the presence of a porphyry copper deposit.

Given the encouraging results obtained, a drill program is proposed to test the El Cinco Zone for significant Cu/Au mineralization at depth. A total of ten (10) 200m long holes is proposed for the 2010.

Management of Advandtel Minerals has recently entered into discussions with a private mining exploration company situated in the Dominican Republic, with regard to the acquisition of a large gold prospect near Coutui, site of the world famous Barrick Gold Pueblo Viejo (Project) where Barrick and Goldcorp have commenced work on a US$3.1 Billion expansion of their open-pit gold property.

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